Photoengraving Nuova ITO

Extensive service company

Photoengraving Nuova ITO was founded in 1966 by a strong bond of friendship between Introzzi Mario, Tagliabue Angelo and Ostinelli Aldo (ITO is the acronym of the founders surnames' initials and Japanese for "wire"). It began as a small artisan workshop, which proposed design development services engraving for traditional printing and it has evolved over time into a company that provides extensive services.

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ITO Scarves + more
Made in Italy

ITO Scarves + MORE

100% Italian products

The ITO Scarves + More project stems from the desire to promote Made in Italy and Italian creativity, meant as the capacity to imagine and create a product through different techniques that transmits, from the first contact with it, the feeling that it's got a little bit extra.

For this reason, all of our items are entirely produced and processed in Italy, with 100% Italian materials, from the yarn to the garment's final packaging.

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